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What the heck is a rain chain?


Rain chains are charming but they are nothing new; they originated centuries ago in Japan. Originally used to capture rooftop rain for irrigation and household use, today’s rain chains serve primarily as visually pleasing alternatives to plain boring downspouts.

 The concept of a rain chain is very simple. It is used in place of a traditional downspout that runs vertically from the gutter system installed on most homes today. As rain water flows off the roof, it is channeled through the gutter into an opening for the downspout and to the ground where the water washes out. With a rain chain replacing the plain and boring downspout, rain water still channels through the gutter but when it gets to the downspout opening, it cascades down a series of interlocking rings, cups, or decorative elements. Unlike with traditional downspouts, a rain chain has no channel and doesn’t become clogged with debris.

 Although rain chains today are primarily installed for their pleasing looks, many function quite well in directing water away from a house and even harvesting rain water.

 While the rain chains available for purchase today are beautiful, the ornate copper chains do not lend themselves to every home style……..and they are not inexpensive to purchase. A typical copper rain chain can be purchased on-line and in better garden centers at a cost between $100 and $300. With a few simple tools and inexpensive supplies, you can create a charming rain chain in less than a day that will compliment your home’s style……….and at a fraction of the cost.

 THE RAIN CHAIN BOOK is the ultimate DIY guide to creating rain chains that are both inexpensive and unique.  24 projects in this book take a novice craftsman from making interlocking copper links, to making rain chains that are personally unique.  Each project lists all tools and supplies needed, clear written directions, and has over 130 progress and completion photos.

 A rain chain should be more than just an alternative to a plain boring downspout. It should be decorative with a reflection of your own personality while being functional at the same time. Whatever design your rain chain takes on, it is sure to become an endless conversation 

THE RAIN CHAIN BOOK  Front cover only


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